The Artist

David Domene is an artist from Granada based in Mallorca since 2014. David Domene's passion for drawing and creation began at an early age.

Expressing his art through different aspects such as: 

Graffiti – Oil – Pastel – Airbrush – Watercolor – Charcoal – Wood – Sculpture

Domene's beginnings in the world of tattooing were by fate when in 2013 he came across a tattoo machine and discovered an infinite world of possibilities.

A true passion and obsession that has led him to constant improvement and perfection.

Attendance at conventions, seminars and collection of all the information available to apply the philosophy of KAIZEN or continuous improvement.

It is the portrait where David has made the most emphasis in recent years.

Since what is considered the most complex. Capable of capturing the entire essence of a person, animal and thing.

The name of Domene Tattoo serves to remind himself of his passion.



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